Ancient Songs

By: Dave Boulton

This song never made the cut to appear on a CD. My idea was sort of about cultural identity and how although people are moving around the world for a better life or for safety or whatever they often maintain a touch with their roots. A people’s ancient songs seem to be deeply embedded in their subconcious and culture and maybe help maintain a link back to the past and their origins, their country and the people they left behind and in some way who they really are. 

Download lyrics with chord sheet

Sing your own ancient songs
Sing your own ancient songs
Sing them to your daughters and your sons
Sing your own ancient songs.

Sing the song that helps them all to see
The link between what was and what’s to be
Sing the way that everything must change
And sing the way that all things stay the same

Tell them of the journey down the years
Sing the people’s happiness and tears
Let them know although they’ve come so far
What they were is part of what they are

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