The Alternative

If your life’s a bowl of toenails and you can’t take any more
Of the endless toil and strife to keep the wolf from round the door
If money is a worry and work a pointless bind
Things might not seem so desperate if you’ll just bear this in mind:

Life can be a trouble and life can be a curse
But taken all round, on the whole, you know things could be worse
And remember when you feel that life’s put too much on your plate
Compared with the alternative it’s great

When the bloke from Barclay’s bank succeeds in running you to ground
Wants you to save with them and not the other way around
And your wages disappear to meet the ever-mounting debt
Don’t let the buggers grind you down and try not to forget

If the winning lottery ticket never seems to come to you
All the winners get one finger but for you it’s always two
If lady luck evades you and your life’s a tale of woe
Just hang on to your tether and remember as you go

If your wife goes off and leaves you for a younger, richer man
And you’ve got a nasty feeling that your world’s gone down the pan
Don’t give up on your hopes and dreams but heed a friends advice
Tie a big knot in your tether lad, hang on for dear life

Yes life can be a trouble and life can be a trial
It goes from fair to middling to absolutely vile
No one said it would be easy, no one said it would be bliss
But you can make it better if you just remember this

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