Splendid Congregations

  1. Mad Tom O’ Bedlam
  2. Napoleon Bonaparte
  3. The Horn Of The Huntsman
  4. Lumpy Tums
  5. Who’d Be A Potter
  6. Northfield
  7. Cropper Lads
  8. All The Little Chickens In The Garden
  9. The Black Pudding Song
  10. Here’s Adieu Sweet Lovely Nancy
  11. The Card Song
  12. The Echoing Horn
  13. The Hoar Cross Hunt
  14. The Gallant Frigate Amphitrite
  15. Long Preston Peggy
  16. On Board A Man O’ War
  17. Rolling Down To Old Maui
  18. Staffordshire Colliers
  19. Little Grey ‘Oss
  20. Chalk And Cheese
  21. The Cheerful Horn
  22. Drink Old England Dry 
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7 Responses to Splendid Congregations

  1. Keith Dawson says:

    Is it possible to buy a CD of Splendid Congregations from you? If so how?

    • DaveB says:

      Hi Keith
      Thanks for your inquiry. Nice to hear from you.
      Do you remember Muggins’Fancy from way back in the mists of time, or did you just drop on it somehow?
      Anyhow…I’m really glad you like it.:0)
      There are two methods available.
      1.You can download directly from the Bandcamp site and decide for yourself how much you pay. Just go to https://daveboulton.bandcamp.com/album/splendid-congregations and follow the simple instructions.
      2. Or I can burn you a CD and stick it in the post – Please be aware though that the CD will not have any artwork on it (it was only ever released on tape) although I will print the CD cover and tracklist and put them in the CD case. That would be £12 including P&P.

      I really hope one of these options is suitable for you so please let me know.
      If you choose option 2. You can contact me directly at boultondavid60@gmail.com and also pay me via PayPal using the same email address. I’ll need your address too of course.

      Please let me know your preference and thanks for your purchase.

      Best Wishes and please stay safe in these troubled times.

      Dave B

  2. Keith Dawson says:

    Hi David.
    Thank you for your reply.
    I had not heard of Muggins’ Fancy before, just saw the album here on your website.
    I also noticed two other albums (Pink album and China town) that I do not have.
    I have dragged myself into the 21st century and got online and done some downloading.
    Thanks for putting the website together. The lyrics/chords are great.
    A lot of people have had a lot of pleasure out of playing and listening to your songs throughout the years and now we can direct people to your website if they like your songs.
    Hope to see you live sometime.
    Take care and Happy New year.

  3. Dave B says:

    Hey Keith
    Thanks for your kind words mate. I’m very pleased you decided to download some of our tracks/CD’s.
    Have you played Muggins’ Fancy yet? What do you think? The pink Album was the very first HW&P CD we recorded and I think China Town was the last one we did. :0) I really hope you like them all. Glad you find the WebSite useful too. I haven’t really publicised the site or the Bandcamp account but you have made me think about it. I didn’t want to look pushy but I’m thinking there may be some folks who would like some of the music but don’t know about it being available. Happy New Year lets hope for a better 2021

  4. Keith Dawson says:

    Hi David
    Liked the download system. Listened to all the albums (several times) liked them all and looking fwd to playing them for friends, when Covid ends.
    Glad to get some of the song sheets downloaded and started to learn some. (always liked Mountains and Men and got the chords now!) I will introduce my friends to your site and hope they have a look.
    Thanks for doing the site David. Happy New year.

  5. Richard Thompstone says:

    Wow, that brings back some memories – from about 45 years ago!

    • DaveB says:

      Hi Richard
      I am glad MF brought back some memories – good ones I hope! :0)
      If I have you right – I’m thinking you are “Tomo” from Alsager. If correct you’ll notice we recorded Napoleon Bonaparte which we “collected” from you I think. Also, I still sing Hirojarum once in a while. Happy days. Where was the club you came to? Was it The Sealion in Hanley or maybe Kings Arms Stoke?
      (If I’m wrong about who you are you’ll be thinking I’m nuts right about now!). Anyway perhaps you’ll let me know and regardless I hope you are keeping well and staying safe in the interesting times.

      Best Wishes
      Dave B

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