Turkey Song

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We’re genetically modified turkeys from a research lab near Crewe
They gave us genes from Ostriches and giant Condors too
They thought they might get giant Turkey drumsticks
And loads of breast meat fit to feed a king
But what hatched out disturbed ‘em it surprised ‘em and perturbed ‘em
For what they got was never no such thing

Ooh! Christmas time is here again but we‘re not scared
We don’t expect a normal turkey’s fate
We don’t have to cringe or cower we’re full of GM turkey power
We run at fifty miles an hour and peck through armour plate

We’re genetically modified turkeys and they gave us other genes
From ducks and drakes and gooses and as strange as it may seem
They can try and shove their sage and onion stuffing
But it won’t work cuz we’re hard as they come
And we make the assertion that they won’t achieve insertion
Into our GM duck’s bionic bum

We’re genetically modified turkeys and we’ve got the genes we need
From rabbits, mice and other things that reproduce at speed
They said that all they wanted was an endless source of meat
But it seems this is just one more plan they’ve fluffed
Cuz we’re all six foot six and we’ve got muscles in our spit
And we think you’ll soon find who it is that’s stuffed

We’re genetically modified turkeys but it’s all got out of hand
For the final genes they gave us weren’t from animals but man
They thought that some intelligence would help us
To accept a turkey’s sad and sorry fate
It helped sure enough to decide we’ve had enough
Can you guess who’ll be on next year’s Christmas plate?

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