Summer Is Gone

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Summer is gone, the year’s moving on
There’s mist on the water and shadows are long
leaves they are falling the wild geese are calling
The nights they are drawing and summer is gone

You came with the first golden promise of spring
and you stayed while the summer sun shone
and you’d only say you intended to stay
‘til the sun and the summer was gone

April’s soft rain caused the blossoms to bloom
and May brought the lengthening days
in June and July the sun shone in your eyes
with the winter a lifetime away

August slid past in a warm wishless dream
September gave clear peaceful skies
and sometimes you’d rest gazing out to the West
with a faraway look in your eyes

October’s cold winds blew the leaves from the trees
into deep drifts of old autumn lace
and you watched the geese fly leaving winter behind
with a sad lonely look on your face

One day in November I woke up alone
and I knew without looking you’d gone
no words left unspoken, no promises broken,
Just a note saying “summer is gone”

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