The Sexton

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You know I’ve been sitting here thinking
Thirty years every day without fail
All the years come and gone, all the folks that’s passed on
And I’m still here to tell you the tale

Just rely on your good friend the sexton
When all around are bereaved and bereft
When the kids take your money and God takes your soul
I’ll take good care of what’s left

Now I’ve got folks in here lived to give cash away
While there’s others who spent their time grabbin’ it
I’ve an MP from Hexham never won an election
At last he’s got into the cabinet

There are ladies down there who were pious and pure
And women who lived by depravity
I’ve an Aussie from Slough who’s back down under now
And a dentist who’s filled his last cavity

There are actors and artists and folks known to fame
Musicians and singers sublime
There’s the famous Mae West with a stone on her chest
That reads: Come down and see me sometime

I’ll have to be going, there’s work to be done
So give my regards to your mother
Take care of yourself and look after your health
But I’ll see you one way or another

 1994 His Worship & the Pig

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