It’s Great To Be Sixty

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Thank you for coming to my birthday bash
Lets have a good time while the nosh and booze lasts
and thanks for the cards and the pressies and stuff
And to those who thought writing a song was enough

Sixty oh sixty it’s great to be sixty
Not shagged out and shattered
But feisty and frisky
Not knocked up and knackered
But ribald and risqué
Oh God but it’s great to be sixty

Now some folks have said and I think they’re sincere
That I’ve not changed a bit in the last thirty years
Trust this bandit here to say something to hurt me
Say’s it’s cus I’ve looked sixty from when I was thirty

Please don’t think that looking this way is just luck
it’s about balanced diet and rest and hard work
So It’s fry up each morning then a kip at half – ten
And when hard work comes round I’ll be AWOL again

I’ve still got my own teeth and I’ve got my own hair
And they’re not in a box in the wardrobe somewhere
I’m still slim and slender at both front and rear
‘s more than can be said for the like’s of him here

Things keep on improving the older I get
And I can’t see a lull or an end to it yet
Cuz I’m fit as a fiddle and light as a feather
The way things are now I could go on forever

I admit that the eyes are not quite what they were
And the memory’s gone a bit dur-dur-de-dur
But my prowess is peerless the reason’s revealing
It’s down to the age of the woman I’m feeling

And now I’m a granddad to our darlin’ girl
Might well make great granddad to a new Parton pearl
And the way things are going I might well hold on
To make great great granddad at a hundred and one

Some people ask me how long I’ll keep giggin’
Singin’ the songs and “His Worship The Piggin”
I don’t think they’re meddling prying or nosing’
I hope we’ll be composin’ till we’re decomposin’

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