The Potters’ Alphabet

A is for ARKKID’ he’s your flesh and blood
B is for BOSTIN when summat’s dead good
C Is for CHONOCKS young turnips so sweet
and D is for DEWT’NZ makin’ potts down Nile Street

Potters lads Mums and Dads Daughters and Sons
they’re first among equals and second to none
They talk a bit funny they sound a bit strange
but they’d give their last Shilling and not ask for change

E is for ‘EARS that’s the passing of time
F is for FUNT it’s the past tense of find
G is for GIZEET like please pass the ball
and we~nly use H when~osh mlatives ~ail

I ‘5 for ILEEN runs from ‘anley to Chell
J is for JED means much worse than not well
K’s for KOSTLENDUZ when you1re on the scrounge
and L is for LOZACK that’s dossing around

M is for MARD ARSE they whinge and they wine
N is for NESH when you’re cold all the time A
O is for OATCAKES ~ YA½ .4′
and P is for PlKELETa~enUe~~ 2 ¼.:, 1.

Q’s for the QUANE who reigns over us all
R is for ROT a small rodent of sorts
S is for SNAPRN like oatcakes 9r lobby
and T is for TRENTHAM where the ~lks are dead snobby
U is for UCHEETA ‘tuther side Meir ½:~
V is for VIRGEENS you wont~~~ here
W’s for WEDGEWOOD who make the best china

And the other three letters arent very good rhymers

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  1. Jemma says:

    Eleanor and Mim approve!

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