Peaches And Squid

There’s no use me trying to hide it, no use me trying to be nice
The chance of relationships turning out well
Is like throwing a seven with only one dice
For love is a momentary fancy and lust is a temporary flight
And before you’ve gone on for too far or too long
You’re into the fisticuffs, fall-outs and fights

It can’t be denied and it can’t be hid
The sexes don’t get on and they never did
‘Cause they go together like peaches and squid
Together like peaches and squid

Some say the first year of marriage is bad and some say the second is hell
Some say that the first ten years wed is the worst
And some that the second ten years is as well
I’ve heard people say that they like it, and others who say that’s its bliss
But don’t expect truth and don’t ask ‘em for proof
Because you’ll find that they’re only taking the piss

Now don’t tell me you really enjoy it, I know that you don’t for a fact
Don’t say that you’d do it all over again
‘Cause you don’t have the time left for that
For 45 years is a sentence that would bring most to trauma and tears
Even banged up inside for murdering your bride
With luck you’d have been out in 25 years

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