Glasgow Friday Night

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11 hours into a seven hour day, third double shift in a row
It’s ten o’clock Friday and Monday morning seems like a lifetime ago
There’s a hush like before a performance as we wait for the rush to begin
And there’s little doubt when the pubs chuck ‘em out
The lads‘ll start wheeling them in

Who ever said thank God it’s friday ?
has never spent Friday night here
Hasn’t seen all the sites the results of the fight s
Or the muggings the drugs and the beer
If it’s you said thank God for the weekend
you’ve not seen the heartache and pain
so come on roll on Monday morning
cause it’s Friday night Glasgow again

Days noons and nights through a life long week it’s eat work and sleep work and curse
with the boss on your back, you try not to crack, but you,ll have to do something or burst
So you pick up your pay on a Friday and head straight for a place you know well
sell your soul to the devil for two days of heaven the price is five more days of hell

The lads they are all out on the razzle slotting a few bevvies back
and the girls cruise around they’re out on the town just for the laughs and the crack
but the smiles are too bright the laughter too loud there’s barely a hint of the pain
then out of the blue the anger leaks through and then all hell breaks loose again

so we set the breaks and the fractures strap up the twists and the sprains
stitch up the cuts and the and pump out the stuff they pumped into their stomachs and veins and as for the bits that the beer couldnt reach well we do our best with those parts
but to tell you the truth there’s not much you can do with broken up spirits and hearts

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