Christmas Song

I have no gift to bring that could mean anything at all to you
no silver words to say no simple way to make a dream come true
and so I wrote this song it’s just another one
didn’t know what else to do
so part of me can be with you at Christmas

You’re where you have to be the same is true of me I think you know
but through the painted smiles I’ll fly across the miles to you at home
and when the laughter’s loud and you’re lonely in the crowd
remember I am lonely too
and part of me is there with you at Christmas

Although in time and space you’re miles and miles away I’m waiting here
and through the darkest night or when the lights are bright I feel you’re near
You’re just a waking sigh, the twinkling of an eye or the glistening of a tear
and part of me is there with you at Christmas

Now Christmas bells are still soon they’ll be ringing in a new years day
the people stand in line and sing the auld lang syne and care’s away
and given luck and love and if the powers above can hear my wish to day
then next year I will be with you at Christmas

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