The Plastic Dino Song

We’re Funny Little Creatures 2
The Plastic Dinosaur Song
Words and Music Dave Boulton Dec 2018

We’re funny little creatures that scurry on this earth
Puffed up with self importance, and convinced of our self-worth
We really think were something smart and smooth and slick
Whilst the evidence is pointing to us being a bit thick

But when you can build a peace machine or one that turns the desert green
Or banish pain and poverty forever
Or when you’ve restocked lakes and seas and filled the forests full of trees
Come back then and tell me that we’re clever

We really love our Beamers our Audis and our Mercs
We don’t seem to give a damn that our obsession costs the Earth
There’s millions upon millions roaring off to work each day
With millions upon millions roaring back the other way

I know our men of science believe they’re doing good
They just don’t get that cos they can don’t always mean they should
To me they more like children building castles on a beach
Whilst the things we really need go slipping further out of reach

It’s true we split the atom and yoked the power of suns
But the first thing that we used it for was building bigger bombs
We stumbled on the laser we’d have much preferred a phaser
Or a death ray or some other ghastly guns

We’re facile fossil junkies of that there is no doubt
There’s no sign we’ll kick the habit ‘til the light start going out
And it’s strange we power our world with plants and creatures dead for eons
So when we make plastic dinosaurs we make them out of real one’s

Now it wont be in my time but I have my hopes and dreams
That those that follow after me will find the ways and means
To use the brains we’re born with to get us back on track
Before we reach the tipping point and there’s no turning back


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