Michael Hestletine

So you’re closing Trentham deep Mr. Heseltine
I wonder how you sleep Mr. Heseltine
do you count the poor souls that your putting on the dole
what will be the final toll Mr. Heseltine

Market forces must prevail Mr. Heseltine
or the economy will fail Mr. Heseltine
So you buy Colombian coal cut by miners nine years old
and put our own lads on the dole Mr. Heseltine.

.Now we may not be too bright Mr Heseltine
but we can see that things aren’t right Mr.Heseltine
we don’t have degrees like you, cant talk clever like you do
but we know we’re being screwed Mr.Hesletine

Count the pits you’re closing down Mr. Heseltine
count the pennies and the pounds Mr. Heseltine
count your monetary gain count your reduced fiscal drain
but don’t count on our vote again Mr. Heseltine

Repeat 1st verse

Written in the week that British Coal announced they were to close 30 pits.
Thereby killing the British coal industry, Mr Heseltine could have done all sorts of things but in the end he decided to play clever and say there would be an investigation but that ten of the pits including Trentham would close as scheduled. He obviously didn’t know Trentham colliery too well or he would have known it was really called Hem Heath.

Copyright: His Worship and thePig
22nd October 1992

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