His Worship and the Pig

Words and music by Jeff Parton

Well now you’ve called on us to sing we’ll see what we can do
But first of all there’s something that we have to say to you
We know you must be wondering, so this is how it goes,
We feel we ought to tell you now so everybody knows:

I am His Worship and he is the Pig
Couldn’t you picture me wearing a wig
His manners are not as refined as his trotters ‘cause
I am His Worship and he is the Pig

Well now we’ve sorted that out we can get on with the show
We’d like to sing some songs for you before we have to go
Songs to make you laugh and cry, songs to make you think
But before we get too serious let’s have another drink

And if you enjoy the music we’ve CDs that you can buy
They only cost a tenner, so they must be worth a try
And that includes a plastic box that’s just the size and shape
If the weather’s rather frosty and your windscreen needs a scrape!

 1995 His Worship & the Pig

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