Hanging on Here

Words & music by Dave Boulton

I’m doing alright, though I’m nervous at night
When there’s noise or next door makes a din
But I’ve bolts and I’ve locks, and a box of old tops
To wake me if someone gets in
And I’m still my own boss, I decide what’s what
And I make and I break my own rules
And I’m not in the hands of some blousy madame
In a house full of silly old fools

So it isn’t the Lea or the Homestead for me
Where I’d make lots of lovely new friends
For a home’s where the heart is, not somewhere apart
And I’m hanging on here till the end

Well the pension’s not bad, I remember your dad and me
Worked all the hours that God sent
All through the strike we could do what we liked
We’d a hard time just staying ahead
And passions ran high when the rations would buy
What the kids of today wouldn’t miss
And I never did think as we fought not to sink
I was only in training for this

It’s not easy alone, not with Joe gone
Who’d have spent ten years lonely by choice
But this house was a home and when I’m alone
I fancy I hear his old voice
And he whispers he’s near and he says not to fear
In the night he’s my only old friend
Says it won’t be too long till my worries are gone
And it’ll all turn out right in the end

 1992 His Worship & the Pig

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