The Flowers Of Dunblane

The Dunblane massacre took place on March 13th 1996

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Words by Dave Boulton, music by Jeff Parton

The cold chill of winter is gone from the lowlands
The ice turns to water and snow turns to rain
The wind blows a cold lonely pipers lament
For the loss of the beautiful flowers of Dunblane

The snowdrop & crocus they welcome in the springtime
The Osprey returns from the African sun
The small birds are courting, the lambs they are sporting
But the flowers of Dunblane they forever are gone

The vixen she yawns in the early spring sunshine
The cubs fight and play in the newly sprung fern
The Salmon sweep in from the wide spreading ocean
But the flowers of Dunblane they will never return

© 1996 His Worship and The Pig

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