Every Silver Lining

Words Dave Boulton Music Jeff Parton

This song is one half of a pair I wrote about sort of life in general. There’s this, a pesemistic one, pointing out that looking on the bright side is fine but that in the limit every silver lining does actually have a cloud. Then there is The Alternative a more optimistic view of life altogether. Unfortunately we never got a chance to record this one before we retired. Shame, I like it.



Now there’s theories and there’s theorems laid to help us chart a course

             F                          C                 G

As we stumble down the stony path of life


And there’s pitfalls and there’s pratfalls and there’s tremors in the force

                    F                                G                           C

And there’s tempests and there’s trouble and there’s strife

               G                                             C

And they say we’re at the mercy of the planets and the stars

           F                     C                        G

Of capricious fate or flawed and fickle Gods

             C                      G                   C                           F

But no matter what the sages say its mess and mayhem rule the day

             C                  G                 C

And the only law that will apply is Sod’s




Every Silver lining has a cloud


Every silver lining has a cloud

       C                                                                       G

Remember as you stagger from the cradle to the shroud

F                 G                   C

Every silver lining has a cloud








The dance of life’s the “Trick Step”, and you’ll soon get the knack

So join hands in a ring, strike up the band

You just take two steps forward and you then take three steps back

Till you find yourself right back where you began

When your loves, your lusts and longings are all sliding, sagged or sunk

And your life’s the place where chaos reigns supreme

And those who’re optimistic are deluded, daft or drunk

For there’s a nightmare neatly wrapped in every dream



Try looking on the bright side, count your blessings as you go

But you just turn your back and they’ll be gone

And they say hope springs eternal, why they say that I don’t know

When you’ve only got two chances, slim and none

There’s a crock of gold down at the end of every rainbow I’ve been told

Well there might just be a crock I must admit

But regardless of what you’ve been told I bet you it’s not full of gold

More likely that they’ll all be full of Sh..every single













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