Every Silver Lining

Words Dave Boulton Music Jeff Parton

This song is one half of a pair I wrote about sort of life in general. There’s this, a pesemistic one, pointing out that looking on the bright side is fine but that in the limit every silver lining does actually have a cloud. Then there is The Alternative a more optimistic view of life altogether. Unfortunately we never got a chance to record this one before we retired. Shame, I like it.



Now there’s theories and there’s theorems laid to help us chart a course

             F                          C                 G

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The Fairy On the Tree

A Christmas Tail by Dave Boulton

Words: Dave Boulton Music: Jeff Parton


Did you ever wonder why the Christmas fairy gets stuck up here upon the Christmas tree?

Well it’s not the way I planned it and its Santa the old bandit that’s the cause of all me pain and misery

Cos I try to do me best for father Christmas but it seems I can’t so right for doing wrong

And if I’m seeming quite distressed and you want to know the rest you can find it in the chorus of me song



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Mary Christmas

A Christmas Tail by Dave Boulton

Words: Dave Boulton  Music: Jeff Parton

This was the song that seeded the idea of a alternative Christmas show. (A Christmas Tail) A recording company called GREENTRACKS contacted me and asked if they could use this track on an alternative Christmas compliation they were producing called Bah Humbug. I think you can still find it on line. I think it is the source of the only royalties I have ever had for a song I’ve written, however I definitely wont be splashing out on a Rolls Royce – not even a model of … Continue reading

If You Had a Brain You’d Be Dangerous

By: Dave Boulton

Well you think that Sherlock Holmes is a local block of flats

And that circumnavigation is what they do to cats

You think that crazy paving’s only done by Psychopaths

But if you had a brain you’d be dangerous


Yes, if you had a brain you’d be dangerous

if you had a brain you’d be dangerous

I’d tell you to your face you’re a total waste of space

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The Little Egg Box

Words: Dave Boulton Music: Jeff Parton

The Pink Album by Dave Boulton

I’ve been wed for twenty years and all the time I’ve been

The Kind of chap smile and take life’s troubles on the chin

But recently I’ve changed my ways and if you wonder why sir

I’ll tell you my sad story and present this sound advice sir


Let sleeping Dogs lie where they will leave every stone unturned

Don’t open doors for skeletons or tin cans labelled worms

Be like the wise old ostrich shove your head into the sand sir

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The Plastic Dino Song

The Pink Album by Dave Boulton

We’re Funny Little Creatures 2
The Plastic Dinosaur Song
Words and Music Dave Boulton Dec 2018

We’re funny little creatures that scurry on this earth
Puffed up with self importance, and convinced of our self-worth
We really think were something smart and smooth and slick
Whilst the evidence is pointing to us being a bit thick

But when you can build a peace machine or one that turns the desert green
Or banish pain and poverty forever
Or when you’ve restocked lakes and seas and filled the forests full of trees
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Surreal Xmas Medley

Download lyric sheet with chords

Tune: White Xmas

I’m dreaming of a nice Xmas
Just like the one we’ve never had
Where the kids arent bawling or Grandad snoring
And mum’s not bollicking my dad (for getting drunk)
I’m dreaming of a nice Xmas
Just like the one’s on the TV
Where the choirs are singing the bells are ringing
the dog’s not bringing up his tea
I’m dreaming of a nice Christmas
But still I’m filled with fear and dread
So to make my dream come true this year Instead
I’ll give Christmas a miss and stay in bed

Tune: Sleighride

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